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Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Welcome to our weekly blog about DoF members.

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We asked Dangel 15 standard questions from our

Meet the Member blog questionnaire

and then we gave chance to our members to ask 5 specific questions.

Hello, I am Dangel formerly known as DeathAngel. I currently live in Illinois and hopefully will be moving out of here in a few short months (Illinois is the worst). I am engaged to be married to my beautiful fiancé in June so I am really excited about that! I work in the networking/internet installing field but am looking to move into a job dealing with marketing/videography after I move.

Favorite Quote/Line: "You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take." - Wayne Gretzky

1. How and why did you join DoF? I joined DoF kind of randomly. I made an online friend playing on the Pub servers and we decided to join a clan together. He found DoF and I didn’t really have a knowledge or preference of clans at the time and we joined. I also liked how DoF_DeathAngel looked lol.

2. Favorite moment(s) in DoF? Inner clan scrims and events were always the best. I really looked forward to them back in the day, always had a lot of fun playing against/with friends.

3. Favorite book? Trying to get back into reading as I used to love it but it took a back burner. Back in the day I was a huge fan of the Redwall series. Pretty sure I read all of them. But my current read is “Killing Sacred Cows” which is a book about finances, not killing animals.

4. Favorite movies and tv shows? Love “The Office” US version because its better (it’s the truth, sorry EUs), its probably my favorite of all time. Gladiator, Man on Fire, Dumb and Dumber are some of my top favs but most movies that pertain to Medieval times I give a shot and usually like. I also really like movies Denzel Washington stars in.

5. Favorite music? I listen to a lot, don’t have a favorite really. Varies from classical, to rock, to oldies, to Christian, really broad but depends on my mood usually.

6. Favorite food and drink? The classic steak, broccoli and mashed potatoes would be my death row meal I think. Probably a Monster energy drink for my beverage, I really like the Green Tea one they have.

7. Favorite color? Orange!

8. Favorite time of the year? Spring-time for sure, love being out in nature, it’s a beautiful time of year.

9. Are you sport or esports fan and if so what are your favorite sports and teams?Big Chicago cubs fan, love baseball in general. One of my bucket list goals is to visit every single baseball stadium in the US. So far been to only 5 buts its early haha.

10. Do you have any pets? I have a Golden retriever whose name is Wrigely (Wrigley field….the Cubs baseball field name ;P)

11. Place you would love to travel to? I’d love to backpack across Europe, visiting important places in history along the way. I think that would just really be a cool trip. Also Australia or New Zealand

12. Most inspiring historical figure? I would have to say Jesus Christ. Some may believe in him and some may not, yet this is a man that has affected all of time and will continue to affect people for years and years to come whether you believe in him or not.

13. Favorite games? The Jackbox party pack games are always fun, Settlers of Catan, an occasional game of Risk, Werewolf, I could go on and on, I really love board games.

14. Describe your playing style? That’s a hard one to pin down, I’d like to say I’m aggressive. I take risky shots and its worth it to me. Ill shoot for the harder targets (men instead of horses) just to try to make a bigger play. I guess I could say I play like a lone wolf but also have my pack there fighting with me lol.

15. What will be your main class in Bannerlord? Probably archer, I just love shoot things too much to change now:p

And now we will turn to the specific questions our members had for Dangel

16. Phoenix's question: If you could change the course of an event in history which one would it be and why? This is a tough one. Thanks Phoenix… hmmm, well an obvious one would be ending the Nazi party and Hitler before it ever started. However, even though an event that was as horrific as that, one could argue it brought much good into the world. People came together and fought against a great evil. They gave their lives for something bigger than themselves. Technology advanced greatly, it had to. I don’t know what I would change but if we would have all of the good things taken from WW2 time and take away the bad, then I choose to do that. 17. Darin is curious What are some games besides Warband/Bannerlord, that you think would be fun for DoF (or at least DoF's who are interested), to play on a competitive/semi-competitive level? I really enjoyed playing ARK with everyone, we actually talked about this the other day in TS. I think Xcal also talked about this. That was a super fun time when people were literally always online playing on that. I think a casual online game like that would be really fun to play again. 18. Erminas asking: What’s the best way to start the day? I start my day reading the Bible, it builds my faith and it’s a peaceful time. I also enjoy working out as a first thing, just gets the blood pumping and gets you ready to take on the day! 19. If ever Bannerlord competitive becomes a real thing, would you still be joining EU events like you did in Warband? (Rhetorical question by Phoenix, as no is not an option.) I would of course try to come, some of my favorite DoF competitive scrims were EU scrims. I love it when no one knows who you are and you come on and start landing HS’s with 110 ping hehe but yes Phoenix, I will try my best to come to EU events in the future. 20. Erminas would like to know What celebrity would you like to be roommate with? I don’t think I would ever want to be roommates with a celebrity lol buuuut if I had to choose one…probably Paul Rudd. He just seems like a fun guy.

Bonus question by Gadric: Did you ever watch Saturday morning cartoons when you were younger? If so, which was your favorite? I absolutely did watch Saturday morning cartoons! My favorite would definitely have to be Spongebob Squarepants, I can almost quote lines from every episode they have been so ingrained in my mind lol.

Thanks to Dangel for joining us in this week's blog.

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