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My name's Brad, I'm 22 and I'm from Northern Ireland. I moved to Glasgow where I am currently living while I study for my Bachelors in Biomedical Science. I've been gaming for as long as I can remember and was unlucky enough for Mount&Blade to catch my interest and suck me in, and now here I am. Pineapple does go on pizza, sparkling is the best kind of water, and mayonnaise is my favourite instrument.

Favorite Quote/Line: "Be groovy or leave, man." - Bob Dylan

1. How and why did you (together with William and Darin) create DoF? I’d got the old Mount & Blade game off Ebay and had played it religiously for about a year before Warband was announced, and I was lucky enough to get into the beta. I joined THKC (The Holy Kingdom of Calradia) and started doing scrims with Darin and William - we’re talking 3v3’s or maybe even 4v4’s if you were lucky – we were pretty much the only active people in the clan and decided we’d fare better starting our own clan. There were a few names at the start. Sons of God (SoG) was one of the ideas and keeping with the Templar/Holy Warrior theme we ended up with the Defenders of Faith and that’s where it all began. I doubt of any of us three ever thought DoF would last for so long or that we’d be as invested as we were, but I couldn’t be prouder of how it’s turned out.

2. Favorite moment(s) in DoF? I’m sure others have mentioned this but ECS2 was one of the best times for DoF in the competitive scene. For many matches our plays ran perfectly, teamwork was intuitive, and everyone had a really fun time. We’d worked very hard training before the tournament and practiced a lot during and it was great to see the fruit of hard work paying off for everyone and DoF getting the recognition we deserved. We had some great wins (like against Irish Rebels) and I’m really looking forward to the future scene where we can get back to those glories.

3. Favorite book? I used to be a big reader when I was younger and Simon Scarrow’s Roman Legionnaire series was a big hit with me because I love anything Roman. At the moment I’m reading Bob Dylan’s autobiography but one of my favourite books I’ve read in the last few years was Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer. For those who haven’t seen the movie or read the book, it’s a great tale and can be pretty thought-provoking, I recommend! I’m hoping to start the Witcher books next.

4. Favorite movies and tv shows? Favourite movie trilogy has to be Lord of the Rings (best from worst: 2, 1 and then 3). I watch them all at least once a year as a tradition and I always love them. Anything with Bill Murray has my attention. TV shows is a tough one, but I’d say Scrubs is a go-to for me. Band of Brothers and Sharpe are another few of my favourites.

5. Favorite music? A few favourites are Mac Miller, Bob Dylan, Foy Vance and the Gloaming. There’s way more to this list and I have a disgustingly large spotify playlist I’ve been growing for 10 years with lots of great artists in it. I like a lot of different genres and really can’t go anywhere without listening to music.

6. Favorite food and drink? Buffalo chicken wings without a doubt. Heat your oven to 190C, coat your wings in a plain flour and baking powder mix (5:1). Skin side down first for 22 minutes, flip and another 22 minutes. Toss your deliciously tender and crispy wings in Frank’s hot sauce. You’re welcome. I love food and I’m lucky to be close to some great restaurants in Glasgow. Sparkling water. I drink it like crazy. If we’re talking alcohol, then nothing beats an ice-cold pint of Guinness or Harp.

7. Favorite color? Green.

8. Favorite time of the year? Summer. People who like the other seasons clearly haven’t lived in Northern Ireland or Scotland. There is way too much rain.

9. Are you sport or esports fan and if so what are your favorite sports and teams? I like watching rugby! Ireland for national and Ulster for local team. Esports? No. Without DoF I probably wouldn’t even participate or watch any Esports. I really prefer to play the games myself than watch other people play them.

10. Do you have any pets? I’ve got a cocker spaniel-poodle mix called Jet, he’s turning 11 this year and he is the best boy.

11. Place you would love to travel to? There’s a few on the list but the top has got to be Japan. Half for the sights and the other half for the food. I’m looking at doing some backpacking around Vietnam this summer as well.

12. Most inspiring historical figure? Charlie Mops. What a guy!

13. Favorite games? Warband has always been a favourite of mine and I’ve sank way too many hours into it. I loved World of Warcraft back in the day and used to roleplay with Gadric. A few others of note include Banner Saga, XCOM, and TES: Oblivion. I’m looking forward to playing Star Citizen in the future when I’ve got a rig that can handle it.

14. Describe your playing style? In the early days of DoF I was always an archer but over the years I’ve transitioned into infantry. Inf is much more fun and I love getting into the thick of it in a big mob fight. I’m not really much of a leader and much prefer to be the hammer and be told where the nail is. I would say I’m a balanced (aggressive/defensive) tanky infantry.

15. What will be your main class in Bannerlord? Infantry. Hopefully the melee is just as good as Warband!

And now we will turn to the specific questions our members had for Dante

16. Who were some of the best infantry you got to fight with over the years asks Darin? DoF has had some great infantry like Viglaf and Ganni that have been a pleasure to fight alongside. Gadric nominated himself but he’s wack at infantry even after all these years under my wing. 17. Erminas asking: Money or fame? What is worth more to you? Money! You can’t use fame to buy anything and I can imagine all the paparazzi would be annoying. 18. Darin is wondering What is the average life expectancy of a potato? I don’t think anyone knows the answer to this. The potato is very versatile and delicious. Even if you forget about them in a cupboard for a few months and they start sprouting those big spiny legs you just cut them off and they’re fine. Boil ‘em, mash ‘em, stick ‘em in a stew. I love potato. 19. Gadric would like to know When will Scotland be independent? I’m not sure.

At the time of writing an article is out on BBC news saying that Brussels has some empathy towards an independent Scotland joining the EU. The Scottish Nationalist Party have a lot of support in Scotland following the Brexit trainwreck and I wouldn’t be surprised if they hold another independence referendum and it passes. 20. Is there hope for Bannerlord to reach heights Warband did when it comes to tournaments/events? Can it, in your opinion, become esport is what Erminas would like to know? The game will see a lot of new and old players and clans coming to the scene and I think there will definitely be a thriving competitive scene again so long as the multiplayer system allows it. I’ll be honest and say I’m not a fan of the class system at the moment but maybe I’m just a bit stuck in my ways and it will be for the better. Who knows?

Thanks to Dante for joining us in this week's blog.

Next week, we will have our North American member DeathAngel joining us. During his prime he was making quite a few heads turn with his skillful shooting. How will he fare with the pen (ok keyboard!) ? Find out next week!

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