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We asked Otttiger 15 standard questions from our

Meet the Member blog questionnaire

and then we gave chance to our members to ask 5 specific questions.

I'm Otttiger, or Dean as most people call me now. I'm 21 years old and from the Midwest USA. I would overwhelm the world with my super gaming skills, so I have an extreme internet handicap. Remember, its to protect you! I joined DoF August 10th 2012. It's hard to believe its been 8 years!

Favorite Quote/Line: "I spilled Gin all over my Xbox!" - Kohath 2019

1. How and why did you join DoF? I joined DoF to get better at Warband. Actually met Darin and Awesomedude in the old DoF server talking about practice, asked if i could join, and here I am.

2. Favorite moment(s) in DoF? I have a lot of favorite moments in DoF, so it's kind of hard to just pick one. We've had a lot of fun scrims, as well as other games. Minecraft, Guns of Icarus, etc. Our Rohirrim charge in Field by the River a long time ago was a lot of fun.

3. Favorite book? I really enjoyed the Ranger's Apprentice books when I was younger, go figure. I've read a lot of good books so its tough. I'm also kind of pick and generally prefer to read fantasy/fiction books.

4. Favorite movies and tv shows? Lord of The Rings Extended Edition, next!

5. Favorite music? Not picky on music preference but I usually lean towards Rock of one form or another. I also really like Irish drinking songs!

6. Favorite food and drink? Chocolate Covered Strawberries, and Eggnog :)

7. Favorite color? Blue

8. Favorite time of the year? Spring

9. Are you sport or esports fan and if so what are your favorite sports and teams? DoF all the way, Lets Go! Joking aside, I would love to get into it but I prefer to do rather than watch. (lets Go DoF).

10. Do you have any pets? I have a dog 13 years old, her name is Keno, and a cat that's 4 years old, his name is Blitz.

11. Place you would love to travel to? I would love to visit the Black Forest someday.

12. Most inspiring historical figure? George Washington is a high choice.

13. Favorite games? Heroes of Might and Magic 3, and Warband.

14. Describe your playing style? I shoot at people, then run to my friends with better ping if they chase me.

15. What will be your main class in Bannerlord? Archer, I'm a simple man.

And now we will turn to the specific questions our members had for Otty

16. Gadric would like to know What was it like meeting other DoF's in real life?

It was a lot of fun, and nice not being the shortest guy there. 17. What's your best/worst drunk story asks Darin? My favorite is probably New Years 2018, My best Friend Patrick was over and going drink for drink with me. We played board games and generally had a fun time. Best part was when Patty tried to speak Spanish with a Scottish accent. 18. Erminas asking: If someone narrated your life, who would you want to be the narrator? Steve Irwin, cause i think it would be funny. "Crikey, he seems upset, what'll ee do now?" 19. Ganni is curious What's your favorite smell? A forest after a thunderstorm, I think its a very relaxing smell. 20. Erminas wondering: You live in the countryside, so tell me did you notice big change in nature/habitat over the last 10-15 years and if so what are the reasons for those changes? Traffic changes as well as flooding. The couple cities "nearby" (30 minutes and an hour away respectively) have been growing and not really for the better. There's increased crime because of new halfway houses, and new diversion projects to build houses by the river. Floodplains basically. Forces a lot of the water from the spring thaw to come out to the country because the river can't expand like it normally would.

Thanks to Otty for joining us in this week's blog.

Next Monday we are going back to Europe for the interview with the person

that is described by fellow BeNe teammates as The Solid! It's Gadric!

Thank you for reading this week's blog and we hope you enjoyed it!

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